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2023.11 Jiyeon, Dahye and Minsu's work published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

2023.02 Yunseop's co-author paper published in Advanced Materials

2022.10 Jiyeon and Seongjae's work published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 

2022.08 Graduate student Dongyeon joined to our group

2022.02 Graduate student Yunyoung, Hyerim and Yoonjin joined to our group

2021.08 Graduate student Minsu and Doui joined to our group

2021.06 Hin Kiu started his new career at Nano and Advanced Materials Institute

2021.02 Graduate student Yunseop and Dahye joined to our group

2021.01 Sumin started her new career at Samsung Electronics

2020.10 2020년도 2차 삼성미래기술육성사업 과제 선정

2020.01 Graduate student Sanghwang and Minwook joined to our group

2019.06 Ph.D. researcher Jongyoon Han joined to our group

2019.01 Graduate student Jiyeon, Sumin and Seongjae joined to our group

2018.06.01 Prof.Jongcheol Seo's IMS-MS Resarch Group Launched! 

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