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PhD and/or Post-doc positions

* Ph.D. and/or postdoctoral positions are available in our group. The research theme is the “structural investigation of various atomic and molecular clusters/aggregates using ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) and (if possible) ion spectroscopy”.

This research may include :

1. Instrumentation : Building a hybrid IMS-MS instrument for studying atomic and molecular clusters
2. Experiments : Structural investigation of cluster ions using IMS-MS and ion spectroscopy
3. Theory MD : MD simulations and ab initio quantum chemical calculation

Requirements :

For Ph.D. positions,
1. Bacholar degree in chemistry, physics, life science and related fields -or- Bacholar degree in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering or related fields

For Post-doc positions,
1. Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry, experimental physics, life science and related fields
2. Experiences in laser spectroscopy on gas phase molecules, gas-phase molecular beam methods, mass spectrometry and or analytical instrumentation

Please contact Prof. Jongcheol seo( for further information and application. For the post-doc application, please arrange for two letters of recommendation together with the application as well.

Undergraduate researches

* Undergraduate students who have curiosity on “gas-phase ion chemistry and/or ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry” is highly welcome

* Undergraduate students (especially in the mechanical and electronic engineering field) who are interested in “building a new analytical instrument” are also very welcome.

Please contact Prof. Jongcheol seo( for further information

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